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My husband, M, just returned from yet another deployment.

For some reason, the public thinks that the military is full of uber religious super right-winged people. Here are my honest thoughts about being married to a Soldier while being an independent liberal educated female Atheist.

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7th November 2012

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Listening to the cow-workers complain this morning. One said that he can’t stand the gays bc they just seem to be everywhere.

Flashback!! My great grandma used to complain about the blacks like that. “Those colored folk are taking over the world. I can’t bare to look at them. Such a disgrace to our great nation.” She was born in 1910.

I laughed at the man’s comment and told him about my great grandma. One day his grand child will hear him say those words and judge him harshly for the hate he spews.

By the look on his face, I might have reached him.

And by the way, our boss is gay. But can’t say anything to most bc of shit like that in an office setting.

But after the election last night, there is hope in America!! I have hope in our country again. The people have spoken!

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