Army wife. Atheist - Born OK the first time. Psychologist. Liberal. Pro-choice. Southern.

My husband, M, just returned from yet another deployment.

For some reason, the public thinks that the military is full of uber religious super right-winged people. Here are my honest thoughts about being married to a Soldier while being an independent liberal educated female Atheist.

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14th February 2011

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More like us…

Got this message today!

Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I found you through XXXXXXXX on blogger. I’m a fellow atheist, liberal, highly educated woman who happens to be a Civil Affairs Specialist in the Army Reserves and is married to a soldier in the Infantry. We are few and far between but the Army needs more like us. Rock on lady! N

Names have been omitted. I cant post names without asking first, it’s just in poor taste, since I dont really know if these women are vocal about their beliefs. But the message is still there. We arent alone.

Thanks so much for the note!! It made my day!

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16th April 2011

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Look, I’m the OP. I submitted this to remind people that this is about CHOICE. The reproductive rights issue is about more than abortion. I wanted people to remember that this is why we should not pass legislation over women’s bodies. Because the law can never account for all the infinitely varied situations. And the law should never be interfering with the mother’s right to make the right choices about her baby and her body. 

[Added by moderator: TRIGGER WARNING: This is a video of two parents telling the story of how Nebraska’s 20-week ban on abortions prevented them from ending her pregnancy when her water broke at 22 weeks and the fetus inside her could no longer physically progress and was, in fact, dying.  This is a hard story because it is about a pregnancy lost to parents who wanted it.]

Such a heart breaking story. The line that got me the most is what Danielle said about passing laws that tie the doctors’ hands so they cant do what’s best for the situation. There is NO REASON this family should have had to suffer through this. It could have been ended much sooner. All the doctors knew what was going on. You cant do this to women and families. I am sickened that this family had to endure such a tragic situation because of a law passed only months before.

LEARN from this! Dont bury your head in the anti-choice rhetoric. There are real people suffering from the uneducated decisions YOU make! These decisions need to left up to the women/family and her doctors. There is NO REASON the doctors shouldnt have been able to help Danielle out. The voters in Nebraska should be ashamed of themselves!!

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11th August 2011

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I was having trouble finding the clinic Saturday morning, but then I saw you guys waving your signs around, and I knew exactly which exit to take. I made it to my abortion with five minutes to spare. Keep up the good work!

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